Basic Suspension set up:

2023-This service will only be available to current Superbike Services 44 customers to help dial in new set ups. Set/check rider sag, Set/check compression and rebound adjusters. This normally takes about an hour and can be done at the track. Doing this at the track between sessions is best. The rider can then feel the before and after effects of these changes. Fridays and Saturdays of NEMRR weekends I am available to do this in North Garage 3. Sorry, Sunday is my race day.

2023 $90 This is included in and fork or shock service.

Ohlins steering damper service:

Disassemble, clean, inspect and reassemble and vacuum fill. Most do not require parts replacement. Below price includes $2.00 Ohlins 1309 fluid.


Fork Services:

K-Tech 25IDS cartridges installed – most bikes – includes proper springs


K-Tech 20DDS pressurized cartridges – most bikes – includes 3 sets of springs


Annual Fork Service-

Includes disassembly, removal of cartridges, inspection of bushings and tubes and honing fork legs to remove any build up and smooth any imperfections. Set up data will be provide on the final invoice and are also kept on hand for track side set up. Oil level, brand and viscosity, internal preload, cap preload, compression and rebound adjustments are all recorded before and after. Below price includes $110.00 for SKF seal kit and appropriate fluid.

$335.00: Most cartridge forks.

Add $90-$180 to pull the forks if you drop off the complete motorcycle

Add $45.00 to remove and reinstall fork leg from fork bottom when done with a Fork Service. Not needed for a typical Fork Service.

Add $90.00 to Fork Service charge to change valving, install Gold Valves, K-tech or other piston kits, most cartridge forks.

Add $0-$90 to install cartridges purchase from us. Some cartridges are a simple swap from stock to aftermarket and can be done while doing a Fork Service. Some cartridge kits require both fork legs to be removed from the fork leg bottom to install base plates. Showa BPF and BFF, Newer KYBs of similar design, KTM 690 + Andreani). Conventional style forks wanting cartridges will likely require the machining of the inner tubes to accept the cartridge kit.

Annual Shock Services:

Penske: $240.00

Disassembly, inspection of valving, shim stack and piston, replacing o-rings, shaft bushing, polishing shaft, reassembly, hand fill and bleeding. Shim stack is recorded. Includes $96.00 for Penske seal kit, oil and nitrogen.

K-tech 35DDS: $240.00

Disassembly, inspection of valving and piston, replacing o-rings, polishing shaft, reassembly, vacuum filling with Andreani shock filling machine. Includes $60.00 for K-tech seal kit, oil and nitrogen.

Ohlins: $160.00-$260.00.

Disassembly, inspection of valving and piston, replacing o-rings, polishing shaft as needed, reassembly, vacuum filling with Andreani shock filling machine set piston height. TTX’s do not receive seals unless requested or found to be needed. We are not a certified Ohlins Service Center but we use ONLY Ohlins parts and fluids during their services. Includes $16.00 oil and nitrogen plus seals as need. Older style shocks have typically $80-100 dollars in seals and head assembly as needed.

Add $45-$90 to pull the shock if you drop off the complete motorcycle

Prices are based on a shop hourly rate of $90 dollars per hour. For prices on other services please contact us.

We stock SKF fork seal kits for most street bikes, K-Tech shock kit for 35DDS and stock shocks and Penske 89XX shock service kits for a quick turn a round on most bikes

Prices subject to change

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