Desmo Valve adjustments

Hoping you don’t have to pull the cams is not to way to approach a valve adjustment on a 4 valve Desmoquattro. Inspecting all the rockers for flaking is the safest way to service one of these. If the rockers are caught early, it could save the camshafts.

Slipper Clutches and more

After multiple false neutrals, I install shifter detent kits on all my track bikes. The lightened and ventilated cover was just for fun.

Oil pan gasket leak and a set of tires on this beautiful, super low mileage, MV Agusta F4 R312. 312 is the max speed in kilometers and equals 193.8 mph.

Not your everyday.

Big jobs are fun. This was just to fix an oil leak on the rear cylinder. The level of restraint I showed by not installing a big bore kit was monumental.

Timing is everything

Ducati belt tension is set by Hz, sort of like a guitar string; too loose and it will not accurately control the camshafts; too tight and it will wear out the belts, bearings and bearing surfaces.

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